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Being creative is a natural part of my inner fabric. For as long as I can remember I have always used some sort of visual art as a form of self-expression — Stimulate Your Visual Sense from home décor, to cooking, to floral design, to gift-wrapping to fashion. It’s a natural, integral part of my being.


The Prcocess


Thin sheets of copper or brass are chemically treated to obtain a patina of unpredictable patterns and striking color.


The treated metal is photographed and digitally merged with close-up photos of nature.


The images may be scaled, skewed or distorted to further enhance the detail and depth of the
composition. The final composite image is printed on metal.



Many companies are known for their art collections. Not just as decoration – not just as furnishings – art encourages employees to think creatively.

Developers are following this modern trend and commissioning artists to contribute their creativity to attract and make lasting impressions.

Board Members in charge of a condominiums and luxury apartments understand this and use art as a cultural investment and a means to connect with the public.

  • Cultural Investment
  • Connecting with the Community
  • Harmony with the Surroundings
  • Accent Architecture Themes


My Clients and the Many Galleries Displaying My Art

  • People visiting our gallery are so intrigued by Joey’s art, having many questions about her unique process and powerful outcomes. We receive consistent positive feedback which is wonderful for her as well as for the gallery. We are so proud to show her work.

    Ted and Joy Denton
    Ted Denton Gallery, Carefree, AZ
  • Morgan’s pieces converge in the space between Chemistry, Photography and Technology. At times her work looks like an experiment adorning a wall, textures spanning a mural, or ceramic/ metallic spaced dressed across fabric in a form of a modern era dress. Her passion and creative flow results in many variations to a common theme – a theme that is a mixture – mixed media art.

    Sarah Lee Gallegos
    Owner - Gillingham Studios
  • I like art that can speak back to me. I have purchased three of Joey’s pieces and I am always discovering new shapes, objects, and colors I didn’t see in previous views. The passion and energy Joey Morgan puts into each piece sings to me as my emotions change throughout my day. This reveals a soul-filled artist, a very conscious artist.

    Harry Fisher
    Private Collector
  • The bright colors and textures of Joey’s art combine into bold, vivid statements — exactly what the Edgewater building was looking for in new artwork.

    Bob Stephan
    Tenant and Board of Director Member, Edgewater Condos at Hayden Ferry Lakeside, Tempe, AZ
Scottsdale Art Festival
Ted Phillip Denton
Cityscape Phoenix
iIuminate Luxery Homes
Edge Water

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